About me

This is me - born in 1965 in Trier, Germany.

Highschool + studies of interiour design.

Since then I'm practising interiour design for private and business clients, and in cooperation with architectural offices as freelance - always making the impossible become real and finding individual solutions for every client.


As an interiour designer with the hobbies diving and photography, it was obvious to start underwater photography and so in 2010 it really became my passion.





My Photos:

I love nature and so the most part of my photography concerns nature.

Landscape, nightscape, animals and the wild.


And I love to be creative  - so my phantasy shootings are outdoor in the nature amd if you want to, I can make you fly.





saltwater and freshwater, macro and wideangle, whales and dolphins



outdoor fantasy with available light and special effects, also underwater fantasy


Nature and landscape

landscapes, nightscapes, nature , long term exposure, macro and wideangle

 Claudia Weber-Gebert


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